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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text letter_spacing=””]Sportail Community is a start-up with former professional and top level athletes with dual experience of the world of sport and business, and with professional experts all sports enthusiasts.

The vision of Sportail Community comes from our own experience as professional and top level athletes as well as those of many other ones from around the world.

Key findings :

The lack of support to professional and top level athletes for their post sport’s career in spite of the already existing devices dedicated only to a tiny part of them.

The problem of professional transition and employment integration of top level athletes in the companies, by lack of knowledge of their tremendous and unique potential.

Numerus companies are looking to recruit new « Talents » top level athletes, but it is difficult to search them, by not knowing exactly where to search them, and where to find them on the Net, because most of them are spread out all over Internet.

A lots of companies wish to develop trough the prism of sport, but they don’t know how to better understand the sport’s market, and also because the ecosystem of sport is too compartmentalized especially in France.

Also, the difficulties today is to find former top level athletes that are for some of them; Business Leaders, Contractors, Speakers, Consultants, Executives or Employees, which can still play a major role in the policy of development of sport , in addition to their professional skills to offer and experiences to share, or even more for some of them who wish to develop business opportunities.

Given these observations, is born the idea of creating the plateform web Sportail Community.

The solutions we offer enhance the existing devices, and are behind our corporate vision.

Sportail Community is to link different populations together and to stay the trusted third party, neutral in respect of its top level athletes Community.

We are positioning ourselves as an intermediary between offer and demand.

Its is the very principle that is part of our company’s DNA.


« None of us acting alone, can achieve success » Nelson MANDELA


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